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Driver's Education Course @ SLCSE

Driver’s Education Course @ SLCSE
An online class supported and taught by Coach Park from West High School.

We have two different sessions we offer. The first one in the fall (Mid-October) and the second is in the spring (Mid-February). Students must have their permits by the time they start Drivers Ed.

Please reach out to the counselors, Ashley or Sammi, with more questions regarding signing up fro Drivers Ed.

Here is a link to everything you need to know about getting a Driver’s Permit:
You need to check this out ahead of time in order to know what documentation to bring to the DMV. There are very specific documents you need to bring, so read carefully.

Here’s a link to the Utah DMV 2016 Handbook (digital) and free Utah Permit Practice Tests:
I recommend you take practice tests online until you are passing on a regular basis before you go take the test. The test is $15, which covers taking it twice (if you fail the first time).

If you want to schedule an appointment to take the Permit Test, here is a link to do that (this is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED so you don’t waste a lot of time sitting around waiting for an appointment)