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Parent Teacher Student Organization

Parent-Teacher-Student Organization

What is the Parent-Teacher-Student Organization?
Did you know that statistics show students whose parents are more involved in volunteering at school outperform students whose parents are not involved? Do you want to make some friends? Our PTSO group is different than most others. Collectively we are known as the Executive Board. There are no officers such as president, vice president or secretary. Our sole purpose is to identify what we can do to help at the school. So we meet in the library once a month, talk about what needs to be done and we figure out how we can get it done.

The PTSO  was started because parents wanted to focus on what can be done at SLCSE to help change reality. In fact, telling you what it is not might be more helpful. It is not part of the National Parent Teacher Association (PTA). The PTSO doesn’t send a certain percent of membership fees away from the school. In fact, the PTSO doesn’t even have fees. There isn’t a leader to tell the rest of us what needs to be done. Instead, we are just a group of busy parents who want to make a difference.

To get involved and for more information please contact Britnie Powell


All meetings are held at 6pm, alternating between in person in the CASA and on Zoom.  The School Community Council meets on the same day, from 5-6pm in the CASA.  All families are invited to both meetings.

Meeting dates for the 2021/2022 School Year are as follows:

September 8, 2021 in person 
October 13, 2021 on Zoom
January 12, 2022 in person 
February 9, 2022 on Zoom 
March 9, 2022 in person 
May 11, 2022 on Zoom