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10th grade Field Trip 2022-23

Field trip


We believe all students can acquire and use science skills to solve real world problems. Our teaching focuses on hands-on experiences within and beyond the classroom walls that fosters critical thinking, a strong science identity, and a joy in learning.

We offer twice as much instructional time in core science classes to provide additional time for lab investigations, integration of math concepts, and developing cross-curricular connections. 

We are a physics first school. All 9th grade SLCSE students take physics. Physics serves as a great foundation for other sciences by starting with engageable, tangible scientific concepts. Students learn to construct models to explain and predict phenomena, which prepares them to apply their modeling and conceptualization skills to increasingly abstract and complex concepts and science courses.  

Our science sequence progresses through 10th grade Chemistry, 11th grade Biology, and 12th grade science elective of student choice. Students can choose between several elective science courses to focus on the science discipline that sparks their curiosity: 

  • Geology – ½ year, offered every other year 

  • Astronomy – ½ year, offered every other year 

  • Medical Forensics 

  • AP Environmental science – offered every other year 

  • Medical anatomy and physiology – offered every other year 

  • Bio Agriculture – offered every other year 

  • Advanced science research 

  • Science buddies 

  • Intro to Health Science 

  • Psychology 

An honors option is offered outside of the science classroom. The honors experience focuses on providing enrichment opportunities for any interested student.