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SLCSE Timeline

Life Preparation - A General Timeline

The SLCSE Approach
All SLCSE students are taught about post-secondary education options from 6th grade onwards.  The focus is on college, but we realize that some students will opt for other life adventures.  Whatever path  they choose, our goal is that all students have the support needed for entry into and success at college and leave SLCSE with a plan for what path they will pursue.  

SLCSE partners with the Utah College Advising Corps (UCAC), which places college graduates in high schools to help seniors through the college application process.  Our UCAC College Advisor, Sydney Mitton, is in the College Lounge on Fridays, working with students in small groups and one-on-one.  For more information about the UCAC, go here.

Grade 9: Off and Running
The focus of our 9th grade college preparation curriculum is on the realities of high school: transcripts, credits, GPAs, and graduation requirements.  Students learn the difference between graduating from high school and being prepared for college.  Students map out their four years at SLCSE and visit a college to remind themselves of what they are preparing for. 

Grade 10: Dream Big
SLCSE sophomores continue to prepare for college by investigating the variety of options after high school.  We push students to find extracurricular activities that will give them new experiences.  We do a lot of self-analysis and focus our advisory time on exploring career possibilities.

Grade 11: Eyes on the Prize
SLCSE juniors begin the "official" phase of the college process.  Juniors take an ACT Preparation Course and begin to formally research colleges.  At this stage, we encourage all students to research as many options as possible, even if they are sure that they want to attend a certain school.  Our philosophy is that all choices should be informed choices and we want students to see what is out there!   Students attend a regional college fair in the fall and complete a research project for an internal college fair in the spring.  Our goal is for students to visit the University of Utah  and Westminster in the spring, enabling them to compare and contrast a large public university with a small, private liberal-arts college. 

Grade 12:  Finish Strong
Our seniors begin the year by working on their college essay, requesting recommendations and narrowing down their college list to the 3-10 schools to which they will apply.  Throughout the fall they are sending out applications, working on essays, and retaking the ACT if they choose.  All seniors are supported in this process through our partnership with UCAC and through their advisory mentors, with whom they meet weekly.  

After winter break we focus on financial aid and scholarship applications.  The year ends by addressing the social and emotional issues related to life after high school.  We review topics learned in Financial Literacy and prepare for issues that typically arise during the freshman year, including roommate conflicts, advocating for oneself and finding support services, and communicating with professors.